Frequently Asked Questions

When/How Will I Receive Access To My Purchases?

Immediately following a successful payment, you should be taken directly to the download page which will enable you to download the branding kit right away.

You will also receive an email containing your private login details for secure access to the download center which will enable you to download your purchased products anytime should you ever need to do so.

If the system fails to work as it should, please contact me immediately and I will do whatever it takes to ensure access to your purchase(s) ASAP.

How Easy Are The Products To Brand?

Unless otherwise stated, all of the products located throughout this site include my exclusive InstaBrander™ branding tool. This unique tool enables you to easily brand all brandable elements with point-n-click ease. If you can use a mouse and know how to type (regardless of how slow, lol), you can certainly rebrand any of my apps.

The branding tool will walk you through a series of questions. You simply type in an answer or select from a list. Once all questions have been answered, the tool will embed your details (based on the answers you provide) into the end user application for you. That's all there is to it.

Please keep in mind too, that should you have any complications whatsoever, all of my products include unlimited support. Questions, comments and concerns can be sent to me using my online helpdesk. I usually reply to all tickets as soon as I receive notification.

Are These Just Rehashed PLR Products?

All of the software applications are created in-house by me personally. Occasioanlly, I may purchase a high quality software application which I then enhance with custom modifications, but you will always benefit from the added (or sometimes, slimmed down) functions added to the original application.

Some of the ebooks and video tutorial sets are infact PLR products which I have modified and turned into brandable products making it so much easier for you to add your own name, links and banner ads to. No technical knowledge is needed on your part and adding your details is as simple as point-n-click-n-done!

Branded video tutorial sets will also save you time and storage. All videos are housed on my secure cloud storage accounts so that the download size is extremely minimal and the streaming is always available at top-notch speeds -- just another added benefit.

Can I Brand Different Versions For Each Site I Own or Customer Type?

Absolutely. You are welcome, and encouraged, to brand a different copy for each site you own, each business you want to promote, each additional product you wish to promote or all of the above!

The only restriction to this is that you can NOT brand copies for other people (to include their info or links). Every branded copy must be for YOUR personal or commercial use only. This includes doing so for free, or for a fee of any kind.

If you know anyone who would like to own their own brandable copy, please subscribe to my affiliate program and send them a link to purchase it themselves.

Can I Use These As Opt-In Gifts, In Giveaway Events or As Product Bonuses?

Yes! YES!! and HELL YES!!!

The majority of my most successful customers never actually SELL any of my products, they simply GIVE THEM AWAY (which often times is a lot easier anyway, true?).

When you have YOUR branded copy in the hands of THOUSANDS of people with YOUR name and YOUR links and YOUR ads, all pointing to other PAID products, you're more likely to make sales since you've already built a repore with the end user.

Give away events, list building, bonus gifts to your other paid products, bonuses to an affiliate offer you're promoting, etc... The list could go on and on... Don't be afraid to think outside the box either. Do what you have to do, just get YOUR branded copy into as many hands as you can in as front of as many sets of eyes as you can.

Is There A Way For Me To "Lock" The Product & Require Registration?

Not yet, however, this functionality IS in beta testing. If you've purchased a product and wish to receive a copy of the beta version which WILL enable you to require registration, please contact me asap and we can discuss this one on one.

Is There a Way to Offer My Customers a "Trial" Version?

Not yet. BUT... This is another functionality that is currently in beta testing. If you've purchased a product and wish to receive a copy of the beta version which WILL enable time based or usage based trial periods, please contact me asap and we can discuss this one on one.

Are Sales Pages or Squeeze Pages Included With My Purchase?

Many of the products throughout this site include a generic sales and/or squeeze page. You are more than welcome, and highly encouraged, to modify the sales/squeeze page as needed.

The more unique your salespitch, the higher the probability of being more successful than those who simply upload the standard sales page without making ANY changes to it.

Change the wording, change the images, add a bonus (or two or three) and make YOUR offer different than all the others. That is when you'll see the best results!

Custom sales/squeeze page creation services are also available. Please contact me for complete details and pricing information.

Can I Receive a Discount for Future Updates and/or Upgrades?

Yes, all licensees/buyers of any of my titles will receive massive discounts on all future upgrades to any titles previously purchased.

To receive such discount offers and pricing, you do NOT need to do anything. Whenever a major update becomes available, you will be notified via the email address used when placing your original order.

Please note that all minor updates to the same version are always included at no additional cost.

I Lost My Download Link. Can You Send Me Another One?
Do You Offer A Membership Plan? How Do I Become a Member?

Although the membership site still exists, it has reached the maximum number of members allowed in at any given time. This ensures that existing members receive my uttmost attention and the largest possible reach with all of the member only products made available to "members only" of course.

The good news, however, is that if you're interested in knowing when slots become avaialable, you can let me know by visiting my online helpdesk and letting me know you're interested. Once slots become available, you will be amongst the first to know, even before I launch a public notification on my site or any of my social media accounts.

Please understand, however, that requesting to be notified does NOT guarantee a slot. It simply let's you know about available slots which are available on a first come first serve basis.

Do You Offer A Private Label (PLR) Version?

Absolutely! My PLR Branding Rights program was created specifically for those looking for private labeled versions of any of the titles located throughout the site. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the various private labeling options.

Why Limit The Number of Available Licenses?

Due to the nature of the products I offer, I've discovered that a vast majority of my customers target the same and/or similar niche audiences. As such, I felt it was best to limit the number of available licenses for some of the products to ensure such markets do not become over saturated.

If a title is unavailable due to being SOLD OUT, and you feel that you are targeting a very unique, or untapped, niche or market, please feel free to contact me to discuss the matter in private. You never know, I may just decide to offer you one of my "Reserve Licenses" which are kept for just an occassion.

I Own An Apple PC! Will This Work For Me?

No, sorry, not right out of the box. All titles throughout this site are programmed for Windows PCs only, however, they should work if running under any type or parralel or Windows emulation software.

I've Changed My Mind. How Do I Request A Refund?

Since you purchased a digitally downloadable product, refunds are not offered, as per the internet standard. Please know however, that if you are experiencing any problems, I will work with you personally to resolve any issues which may arise. Simply contact me to discuss your issues and I will respond in a timely manner.

Someone Is Selling Illegal Copies of Your Product. How Do I Report Them?

Piracy is a very serious accusation, one which I do not take lightly. Please contact me immediately and I will look into it and take the necessary steps to ensure the pirate is held responsible for his/her actions.

I Am Interested in a Custom Software Application. Are You Available For Custom Jobs?

Absolutely. Please take a moment to visit my online helpdesk to submit an inquiry. I will respond to your submission with a complete list of services and pricing guidelines.

Are You Available For Custom Web Programming Jobs?

PHP and MySQL are actually 2 of my specialties. If you have a need for a custom web application, I'd love to talk with you about it. Please take a moment to visit my online helpdesk and submit a request for all available options and pricing guidelines.

I Have An Idea For a New Product. Would You Be Interested In Partnering Up?

Absolutely! Take a moment to visit my online helpdesk and submit a JV Partnering Request ticket. I will respond as soon as possible so we may discuss your ideas in person.

If you wish to chat live, please have Skype installed on your system and include your Skype ID when you submit your partnering request. Even if you'd rather discuss the idea via Skype, please be sure to include all possible details regarding your proposal within the ticket.

Why Do You Want My Birthdate When Subscribing To Your Newsletter?

Providing me with your birthdate will enable me to send you a free special gift on your birthday. Just another way for me to say THANKS for being a subscriber. Please understand that it is completely optional, you do NOT have to provide that info.

Also note that if you do decide to provide it, you must be a subscriber for at least 6 months to receive a free birthday present. This is done to deter unscrupulous people from simply entering tomorrow's date just to receive a free gift.

My Question Was Not Answered Here. Can I Contact You Personally?

Absolutely. I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me at anytime using my online helpdesk.

How To Contact Us

Whether you have a question, complaint or concern about any of my products, I'd love to hear from you. Please use the information below to get ahold of me today. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive a response. On average, I receive more than a hundred emails every day.

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